The challenge of being big

The challenge of being big: I’m currently immersed in an editorial project that has me thinking a lot about what a burden it can be for a company to be big; and likewise, the hidden strength (if understood and applied correctly) of being small. For example, Google has become so large and under a microscope of nitpiking critics that if some initiative they attempt is not an instant success, it is likely to be “declared a failure” both within and outside of the company. This is why the practice of “acqhiring” small, clever groups of individuals and their people (who don’t have a cadre of bloggers dedicated to dissecting their every move) will continue to be a part of the growth strategy of large companies.

Speaking of the term “acqhire.” Despite the well-documented two-year journey of the word from its creation on the rexblog, and my obviously failed attempts to get people to use it as a Technorati tag, apparently it is now a “service marked” name of a product. So, let me note for the attorneys, whenever I mention the word acqhire on this weblog, I am not referring to a product called AcqHire(SM), “the comprehensive hiring solution that helps you make more accurate, cost efficient hiring and promotion decisions,” I am referring to a goofy buzzword I use to describe what happens when a multi-billion dollar company purchases a startup company with two employees.

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  1. My recommendation to you is to –hire the attorneys who represented the guys Apple sued, and have them win you big bucks for the buzzword.

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