My vegetables are blogging (update)

My vegetables are blogging (update): Flickr is making my garden (which is only 48 square feet) famous. Or perhaps it’s vice versa. More on this topic later. As for the garden, it’s growing up and making me realize I know nothing about gardening. I guess that’s why I decided to try it out.

Update: The Tennessean needed a photo for a story about photo-sharing websites and, well, somebody figured that some geeky blogger like me would probably have a Flickr account and the next thing I know, there’s a photo of me and my Flickr account on the front page of the Living section of Friday’s newspaper accompanying this story. So, if you came here looking for photos, here is a link to my “sets” of photos on Flickr. Also, if you stumbled on my weblog because of the photo-sharing story, let me note that one of my favorite “hidden features” of Flickr is this one that allows you to view photos within the context of a calendar.