eBay to add blog & wiki features

eBay to add blog & wiki features: Steve Rubel points to an article on the website AuctionBytes about eBay’s anticipated announcement in the coming days that it is adding blog and wiki features to its service. The “blog” features will allow sellers to “write about the things they sell and build their networks” and the “eBay Community Wiki” will be added to the already robust discussion forums used by eBay sellers.

My observation: Use of the term “wiki” by both Amazon.com and eBay (especially, eBay), whether or not they are using the term to explain something that I’d call a wiki, are certainly tipping points in ensuring that one day, everyone will use the word. From my experience, it will take about five more years for people to know what they mean when the say the word “wiki,” however. (By my estimation, we’re still at least three years away from real-world people knowing what the word blog actually means. They’ve heard of blogs, but they’re still a little fuzzy on exactly what they are.)