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Brand Rex sports marketing: During tonight’s Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals , perhaps you noticed the Brand Rex sign positioned strategically for plenty of on-air time. Well, okay, so you didn’t. However, I did, despite the fact that I watched, at most, about 45 seconds of the game. As the sign merely says "Rex Rex," it took me a few minutes to Google out that it refers to Rex Healthcare’s "Rex Emergency Response Team" . (Which, should not be confused with the Rexblog Emergency Response Team.) So as a public service announcement, I’d like to warn any of you who may watch some of the Stanley Cup finals that when you see that sign at the RBC Center, please do not think of the rexblog. I’m not spending any money on that sponsorhip and it wouldn’t be fair for you to think of the rexblog and not the folks spending gazillions of dollars to promote Brand Rex. So, once more, please don’t think of the rexblog when you see that sign. I mean it. And for that matter, don’t think of Rex Sorgatz’ blog either.

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The only website dedicated to magazine editorial mastheads “The only website dedicated to magazine editorial mastheads. Created and lovingly maintained by writers and editors in the magazine industry.”

(That would be freelance writers and editors, as the last thing staff editors and writers want is to be listed in a database that will be continuously mined for spamming purposes by PR folks and freelancers.)

(via Jossip, who notes: ““The .org makes it feel more official.”)

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Del Favero watch

Del Favero watch: The Nashville City Paper is reporting this morning that Albie Del Favero has been hired as its publisher. Disclaimer: Albie and I are good friends, but I didn’t know this was going to happen — he uses the word “retired” and “talking with some folks” a lot when chatting with me. Albie and I have never “worked” together, but we’ve “looked at stuff” together. This move means that Albie and I will have the same business address (but on different floors) so I may see him on the elevator more often. I guess this also means I will start reading the City Paper. Good news for all involved, no doubt.

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