666: Today’s date is rather interesting. I’m sure there will be lots of meaningless commentary (like this post) on the topic. Fear of the number even has a name: “Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.” While I don’t fear the number, I fear some wacko using today’s date as a sign they should blow up something.

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6 thoughts on “666

  1. Have you read the news reports about women who were being induced early to keep their little ones from being born on this date???

    “I’d feel like my child would be forever bad,” one article I read quoted a mom as saying.

  2. At least one would never forget the kid’s birthday. I came within a few days of being married on 7/7/77 — but my mother in law thot getting married on a weekday was not a good idea. For years, however, she sent us anniversary cards on 7/7.

  3. Right. 060606, not 666. I love how some people get all riled up over things like this. 🙂

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