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heLP Field: The stadium formerly known as Adelphia Coliseum is getting a new name today, LP Field. LP is the brand of building products from Nashville-based Louisiana-Pacific (by the way, Nashville is neither in Louisiana or near the Pacific). In the City Paper article about it, the following “observation” was made by the reporter: “It is uncertain whether Louisiana-Pacific officials considered the other popular meaning of the term LP as it relates to music. LP, standing for “long play,” is a synonym for record. With Nashville being internationally accepted as Music City, the name “LP Field” could have more than one meaning.”

Oh, yes. That would be confusing. About as confusing as the thinking the 8 yard line has something to do with 8-track tapes.

Update: Lewis Pennock (the famous minimalist) says LP Field is a swell name.

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6 thoughts on “heLP Field

  1. The way the Titans played last year, LP might also confusingly refer to their blowing games.

  2. I’m predicting that it will continue to be called The Coliseum by the masses.

  3. I saw the Titans are promising more events there. At one time, it would have been Lions vs. Christians. Now maybe it would be the SBC vs. the Belmont Board. I hear deviled eggs have been banned at dinners on the ground…

  4. “by the way, Nashville is neither in Louisiana or near the Pacific”

    True, but the Nashville Sounds minor-league baseball team is part of the Pacific Coast League.

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