IBM pulling ads from BusinessWeek does not a trend make

IBM pulling ads from BusinessWeek does not a trend make: There will surely be some punditry springing forth from this news item in today’s Wall Street Journal that IBM has decided to move advertising out of McGraw-Hill’s BusinessWeek magazine for the foreseeable future. Advertisers (especially when they get out of an entire market — like IBM has done with the sale of its personal computer business) constantly make decisions to not advertise in a specific venue. I have no idea what this is about, but I can say for certain that IBM will not be using all of this budget for, as the article implies, “new advertising venues such as podcasts, Web sites and blogs.” For the record, BusinessWeek has been one of the most aggressive traditional magazines in its adoption of podcasts and blogs. Also, McGraw-Hill owns a wide array of business-to-business media and data businesses that IBM is still, no doubt, heavily advertising in. And finally, to measure the specific business impact of this news (that IBM isn’t advertising in BusinessWeek), one must balance it with any advertising pickup the magazine has received since the sale of Thinkpad to the Lenovo Group. I’m guessing you’ll be seeing Thinkpad ads in the magazine for the foreseeable future.

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