iSightseeing: This evening, I flew to New York and will be leading a session on custom publishing at tomorrow’s B-to-B Summit. Okay, I couldn’t resist. I had to make a trek over to 5th Avenue to check it out. My pictures are here. (Which aren’t nearly as impressive as their pictures here.) The cube is cool and the details are impressive — the clear door on the elevator, for example. But the actual retail space is, well, rather Apple Storish — which is great, but not that different. One note: At about 9:30 p.m., there were, by my estimate, a couple hundred customers, many of whom were buying some really expensive stuff. The sense you have in the store is that of being a tourist and being overcome with a great urge to purchase a MacBook Pro as a souvenir. The place is a money machine. Just like the FAO Schwartz a few feet away used to be back in the day. I got out the door without spending anything.

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