Rexblog feature update

Rexblog feature update: Every year or so, I tweak something around here. Thanks to Lawrence Lee, I’ve finally figured out how to make it where the fake or real e-mail addresses of commentors will no longer be displayed. Speaking of fake or real e-mail addresses, a fake or real owner of the NBA team I am now a fan of added a comment to my earlier post. Whether or not it’s really him does not matter: I’m a fan even without him thanking me personally for my support. Go Mavs!

LaGuardia airport power outlet hack

LaGuardia airport power outlet hack: While delayed for a few hours earlier tonight in the American Airlines gate area of LaGuardia, I discovered this power outlet hack. Apparently, the weasles in charge have cut-off the electricity to the obvious there was a technical difficulty with the outlet passengers use to plug in their computers and cell-phone chargers. Fortunately, if you look a few inches away but hidden from view, they’ve installed another less-obvious outlet. (Larger version of the photo.)

On a related note, is there a major city airport in America that is more pathetic than LaGuardia? During the rain this afternoon, I had to weave back and forth to avoid the leaks pouring through the roof. LaGuardia isn’t even second class — it’s third-world. I’ve seen great improvements at some formerly “tired” airports during the past five years: Chicago-Midway, Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, Hartford-Springfield have all been transformed into facilities that make for great gateways to and from those areas. LaGuardia is a sad and depressing way to enter or leave the greatest city in the world.


Podzine: Rafat Ali at reports, “Apple (iTunes Store) has started to offer magazine PDF downloads as well….at least this will be more useful than the electronic editions from the magazines/newspapers.” Rafat and I go “way, way back” on our opinion of PDF versions of print magazines (I used to be lots more critical of them in my less mellow blogging days). Today, I’m firmly in the camp of: whatever folks want, I’m all for giving it to them. And I look forward to trying out one of these Podzines. Podzines? For the record, someone registered the domain a couple years ago, but the word “podzine” returns only 635 results today. And Googling “podzining” will get you zero. So, if you’re looking for a goofy buzzword to describe PDFs delivered via RSS (through iTunes or not), please feel free to call it a podzine and, heck, even use the word in the title of a conference, if you want: If you do, however, please invite me.

Update: Uh-oh. Steve Rubel has an equally bad suggestion for a buzzword: magcast

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