LaGuardia airport power outlet hack

LaGuardia airport power outlet hack: While delayed for a few hours earlier tonight in the American Airlines gate area of LaGuardia, I discovered this power outlet hack. Apparently, the weasles in charge have cut-off the electricity to the obvious there was a technical difficulty with the outlet passengers use to plug in their computers and cell-phone chargers. Fortunately, if you look a few inches away but hidden from view, they’ve installed another less-obvious outlet. (Larger version of the photo.)

On a related note, is there a major city airport in America that is more pathetic than LaGuardia? During the rain this afternoon, I had to weave back and forth to avoid the leaks pouring through the roof. LaGuardia isn’t even second class — it’s third-world. I’ve seen great improvements at some formerly “tired” airports during the past five years: Chicago-Midway, Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, Hartford-Springfield have all been transformed into facilities that make for great gateways to and from those areas. LaGuardia is a sad and depressing way to enter or leave the greatest city in the world.

5 thoughts on “LaGuardia airport power outlet hack

  1. Have you flown through LAX lately? The Frontier terminal is decidedly 3rd World. I agree with you about LaGuardia though…

  2. It’s been years since I was in La Guardia, but there were people with chickens in crates there then, too. NTTIAWWT

  3. If I owned one one of the shops in the airport I would sell six inch extension cords for $15.

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