My career as a Mavericks fan

My career as a Mavericks fan: Wow. The Dallas Mavericks have won 100% of the games since I’ve become a fan. And the owner of the team live blogged it. (Which is displaying an amazing degree of multi-medianess as he was also getting plenty of air time during the game coverage, as well.) Strangely, “sports writer” Dave Barry is not live blogging, however. (Background: here and here.)

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100 Greatest Films

100 Greatest Films: As a summer project (and to avoid debating TV control) I’ve signed up (finally) for Netflix so that our family can work our way through as many of the movies as possible on the AFI top-100 films of the 20th century. We started at the top: Citizen Kane. It’s especially enjoyable to watch when you’re seeing it with teenagers who don’t know who or what Rosebud is. Next up: Casablanca.

Nashville’s Pacific connection

Nashville’s Pacific connection: My obvious observation the other day that Nashville is neither in Louisiana nor near the Pacific (but we are fortunate that Louisiana-Pacific has its headquarters here) drew this comment from one of this weblog’s more insightful readers: “True, but the Nashville Sounds minor-league baseball team is part of the Pacific Coast League.” Hmmm.

I’ve always thought the one thing Nashville was missing was a nearby ocean. Who knows, if Nashvillian Al Gore is correct, maybe after a century or two of global warming, we may actually be on the Pacific.