Dvorak explains the finer points of trolling

Dvorak explains the finer points of trolling: John Dvorak explained to Dave Winer and Robert Scoble what I’ve been saying on the rexblog for years: He’s a troll. But it’s not just Mac users he flame-baits for in-coming links (or, as he says, “numbers”). It’s trolling columns on podcasting or Creative Commons or whatever group he thinks will be riled into linking to him. Now that he confirms my theory — and explains the “art” of it, it’s actually quite funny. (BitTorrent of Dave’s video. Google Video.)

4 thoughts on “Dvorak explains the finer points of trolling

  1. Godd bless Dvorak. We need more entertainment. Give us more Dvorak! Love ya. Pinky

  2. Doesn’t John Dvorak have the slightest, faintest concept of journalistic ethics? From the video, it appears not.

  3. I don’t think “journalistic” ethics is the issue, as Dvorak’s column’s are opinion pieces — not straight reporting. However, I do think there is some form of ethical consideration in writing something you don’t necessarily agree with in order to “get a rise” out of the audience. However, that’s how it’s done, apparently. Dvorak seems to be one of those guys who desperately want to convince themselves that they matter. I guess by trolling for “numbers,” he can convince himself that what he writes is important to someone…

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