Miami chill

Miami chill: I’m two games into being a fan of the Dallas Mavericks and they’re still undefeated. I guess I should feel guilty because, as a latter-day fan, I got to skip 26 years of them not making it to the NBA finals. Tonight’s game was even more of a blowout than the 99-85 score reveals. The Dallas defense placed Shaquille O’Neal on ice, he scored only 5 points, his worst performance ever in an NBA finals game. Never a good free-throw shooter, the Mavs fouled him whenever he was positioned to make an easy lay-up, forcing him to the free-throw line. He missed them all, or at least all I saw. Another very unusual foul-related thing happened during the game twice. There were two four-point plays by the Mavericks: shooting fouls committed by Miami during successful three-point shots by the Mavs, followed by bonus penalty shots.

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Mini review – Cars

Mini review – Cars: Despite the tepid reviews from the professional chattering class of critics, my focus group (admittedly, we’re a bit more redneck than mainstream press critics), thinks Cars is an incredible movie (although, perhaps not as incredible as the Incredibles). The “professional” reviews are predictable: “The movie doesn’t hit the high mark of other Pixar movies.” Apparently, Pixar is now at that place where every film must redefine the genre, or it will get slammed by the experts. Forget the experts. The movie is funny and clever — on both kid and grownup levels.

Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft — and why it matters

Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft — and why it matters: I don’t like blogging about the “transactions” of business — the movement of people among jobs, the mergers and acquisitions, etc. That is the “business-to-business” news flow that I find a chore to track and, frankly, while is takes up most of the space in trade magazines, it is the part of b-to-b media that bores me the most. The blogs I follow are less about transactions and more about personal observations — and personal stories: be they about work or about the person’s life and passions.

With that as my preference, it is no surprise that Robert Scoble is among my most favorite “A List” bloggers. He has (without him knowing it at all) done more to influence my understanding of the role of personal media (blogging, vlogging, sharing photos) than anyone else. He demonstrates daily — many times daily — how “business” news is better conveyed by focusing on personal stories and observations — than simply transactions. By example, he has influenced both the way business is now “covered” and the way public relations practitioners will do their jobs from here on out. In some ways, he has helped change the practice of corporate public relations more than anyone since Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays. (I’ll leave that debate to people who’ve heard of those folks).

Robert is leaving Microsoft. If you follow anything about the blogosphere, you already know that. The rumors exploded last night (as tracked by and the confirmation came from Robert early this morning (eastern time).

All I can say is congratulations to Microsoft to whoever was able to keep Robert there for as long as they did. He did more to humanize (and soften) Microsoft’s perception in the minds of a small, but influential, community of geeks than anything in the company’s history.

And kudos to for an amazingly successful move.

Congratulations, Robert. I look forward to telling you the same in person.