Miami chill

Miami chill: I’m two games into being a fan of the Dallas Mavericks and they’re still undefeated. I guess I should feel guilty because, as a latter-day fan, I got to skip 26 years of them not making it to the NBA finals. Tonight’s game was even more of a blowout than the 99-85 score reveals. The Dallas defense placed Shaquille O’Neal on ice, he scored only 5 points, his worst performance ever in an NBA finals game. Never a good free-throw shooter, the Mavs fouled him whenever he was positioned to make an easy lay-up, forcing him to the free-throw line. He missed them all, or at least all I saw. Another very unusual foul-related thing happened during the game twice. There were two four-point plays by the Mavericks: shooting fouls committed by Miami during successful three-point shots by the Mavs, followed by bonus penalty shots.

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