Scoble Mountain

Dave Winer: “In retrospect, Mount Scoble was a lot higher than I thought.”

Related: On a comment to my previous post, I added this: “I think Robert is a role-model of how those inside a company will be learning how to talk WITH the world. I believe (PR pioneers) Bernays and Ivy were among the first to (advocate that talking TO the public was) something a company could “manage”…Scoble actually took the teachings of Doc Searls, Dave Weinberger, etc., and applied them to one of the largest corporations in the world — and lived to write a book about it. Was it perfect? No. Will others do it better? Yes. There will be many more examples, but he has blazed a trail.”

More related: Robert comments on the mountain of coverage his announcement is receiving. Also, Robert’s departure announcement is the first I’ve ever heard of that inspired a commemorative tile coaster.

By the way, this eulogistic showering of praise on Robert sounds like we’re bidding him farewell. That’s not my plan.

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4 thoughts on “Scoble Mountain

  1. Rex, I noticed that Dave Winer mentioned you in his BloggerCon blog. Congrats. I just returned from VloggerCon in SanFran and saw Dave. Im launching a new vlog here in Nashville next week, its in beta now.

  2. Congrats that I’m going? Or, congrats that Dave mentioned me? Either way, I look forward to watching you new vlog — keep me posted.

  3. Congrats that you got a mention on Winer’s BloggerCon blog. I will leave a comment when my vlog launches next week.

  4. Thanks, it does seem that I’ve died, doesn’t it? But, to innovate first you must destroy. I think that’s part of the process here. We’re saying goodbye to the old Scoble and hello to a new one. 🙂

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