What Google does best

What Google does best: “The complete plays of Shakespeare. Now at your fingertips.” I’ve quit trying to keep up with all those non-search things Google does. Too confusing. However, when they do something like this, it reminds me how great they can be when they do what they do best: helping me simply find and organize the incredible things on the web. And in the process (see the links on the bottom of the page) they even help me figure out how all the stuff they do can be focused on one topic. It’s not that they’ve put together all the works of Shakespeare — I have a copy of that in a book on my shelf — at my fingertips. It’s the simplicity of the interface and features and how search can be so much more than putting keywords in a box and hitting return.

(via: TechCrunch. Sidenote, the comments on that TechCrunch item imply that the growing geek vitriol towards Google makes it hard for some to realize it when they do something worthy of praise.)

Update: While I’m in my rare “Google praising” mode, here’s another one: The update of Google Earth (which came out a week or so ago) makes that incredible product even more incredible.