Anchors away?

Anchors away? It’s sometimes a good thing to not be “anchored” by success. That way, you can throw everything out and start all over again. Netscape (the URL owned by AOL) is knocking off Digg which knocked off /. which…(I could go on with the knocking off list but it goes back through CompuServ and ends somewhere with drawing pictures on cave walls). Like lots of others this morning, I’m very impressed with the Web 2.0iness of the Netscape re-beta*. I think I’ll be using it for at least a week or two, until someone else comes up with the shinier toy. (I would have said next next thing, but that is an such an oblique reference to Netscape that only Web 1.0 foggies would get.) By the way, if you want to create your own knock-off of Digg, here’s an open-source project, Pligg, that can help you do-it-yourself. Happy knock-offing. (Mediapost has a good background story on the diggy Netscape.)

*I don’t think the weasel word Beta should be applied to a relaunch. It’s bad enough to launch the first time using the term “beta,” but after ten years, it’s no longer applicable: “New & Improved” — “Now With Vitamin C” — something like that, but Beta has left the building long ago. Let’s make this clear once more: Using the term Beta is about as lame as saying, “under construction.” As Mary Hodder says, we’ve all been trained that Beta doesn’t really mean anything.

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