New search interfaces

New search interfaces: A couple new search “interfaces” hit my in-box this morning. In this case, “interface” means the search tool is (metaphorically, speaking) a skin or veneer sitting on top of other search engines. The interface is intended to provide the user a different experience with the same search results. (I made up that definition and it likely makes no sense to anyone but me.): seems to me to be like a Dogpile that lets you “tune up” the volume on which search source delivers the most results. For example, if you want Yahoo! search results more than Google results, you can do that with a clever little tool that looks like an equalizer. (Sidenote: The following factoid gained Huckabuck an instant shout-out: it’s from a New Orleans “company that is alive and thriving, and (wants) to inspire other companies to follow (its) lead.” ) is an interface for the far-sighted. Or, to borrow a phrase from Nashville radio host Gerry House, this is a search tool for those of us who have “tested positive for foggie.”

(via: John Battelle.)

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