Stranger than fiction

Stranger than fiction: (From “NEW YORK WPP Group said it bought word-of-mouth marketing firm M80, a continuation of the holding company’s efforts to diversify into new channels.”

Yesterday, in a comment on this post, Hudge did an amazing job of connecting Kurt Vonnegut’s book, Cat’s Cradle, to Jeff Jarvis’ daughter (and every other member) being kicked out of the “American Girl” Club. I have an old copy and read most of the novella last night and, as usual, Hudge is correct.

Now, upon reading the news that WPP has purchased a “word-of-mouth” firm, I can’t help but mentioning once more the William Gibson novel, Pattern Recognition that includes a character named Hubertus Bigend, a London advertising mogul obsessed with creating and selling hipness that is spread via the buzz of an elite class of cool people.

(rexblog Flashback: “rexblog library of accidental blog books,” 12.13.2004)

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