Search for a red flag

Search for a red flag: Who knows? Rija may end up be the most incredible whatever-it-is ever. I’m sure I’ll love it, I guess. And I’m guess it probably has some user-hacked, adult-content angle that will, no doubt, drive early adoption. But when I see a quote like the one below, all I can think is they have too much money and too many people and WAY too many egos to juggle.:

“The company employs 50 people, 44 of them engineers, and 14 of those Stanford PhDs. Every time we talk with Munjal, he brings up these engineering stats. It’s probably because he doesn’t want to end up like the dozens of online video sharing sites that YouTube is taking to the cleaners. Deep technology is important, he said.”

As the company has raised $10 million, I suggest they take $19 of that and download the PDF book, Getting Real, by Jason Fried and his associates at 37Signals.

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