Nick Carr tries out the Dvorakian troll

Nick Carr tries out the Dvorakian troll: Here’s my theory: Having learned the finer points of trolling from that video Dave Winer shot (BitTorrent, YouTube), Nick Carr tries out the Dvorak method himself.


“The Macintosh’s market share among the technological elite is far, far higher than its share among the unwashed…(but)…like most elites, (the technological elite) is an image-obsessed conformist clique that defines itself by material tokens – in this case, the gadgetry it wields. A Windows PC is the machine of the commoner; it has no place in the court. There are suddenly signs, however, that the Mac may be losing its exalted place on the laps of the tech monarchy – not to Windows (perish that thought), but to Linux. The main reason the elite despises Windows is because it’s so damn popular. A move away from the Mac would, in the same way, signal that the Mac has become too popular – that it no longer signifies status.”

Dvorak, eat your heart out.

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