How to write off your video iPod as a business expense

How to write off your video iPod as a business expense: (From AP) Colorado Rockies pitchers use video iPods to review batters they’re about to face. The Rockies’ video staff downloads every hitter onto the pitcher’s iPod so he can watch the way he has delivered pitches to the batters previously, and the result. “It wasn’t like we invented the wheel,” said Rockies assistant video coordinator Brian Jones, who came up with the idea after the video Ipod was introduced last November. “We’re using Apple’s technology as best we can. We figured if you can watch music videos by rock ‘n’ roll and by country, why can’t you watch at-bats by San Francisco and pitches by Jason Schmidt?”

Observation: As I’ve said before, podcasting — video, audio, whatever — can be a business tool. Because this example is professional sports, it’s quite cool — and newsworthy. But distributing training, motivational or other types of video or audio to ones staff or clients can be the “the business” of podcasting. That’s why I’ve always recommended that people not think in terms of “advertising” or “radio show” when the topic of “monetizing” blogging, podcasting, etc., comes up. If a Rockies pitcher can strike out one additional batter per game by having the means to study video in the duggout, that “monetization” of a digital video file can be valued — in certain circumstances — in the millions.

(Thanks, Hudge)

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