Observation: The key to great politician speeches — no politics

Observation: The key to great politician speeches — no politics: I sat through lots of speeches today at the NFIB Small-Business Summit. (I’ve posted short items on several of them over at MyBusinessmag.com.) One speech I heard today is perhaps the best speech I’ve ever heard from a politician. Perhaps it’s the best because it was the least political speeches I’ve ever heard from a politician. It was some straight-from-the-heart story telling by Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour about what has happened in Mississippi since Hurricane Katrina. Hammock Publishing’s Emily McMackin does a wonderful job capturing what Barbour said in this article at NFIB.com. However, it was one of those “you had to be there” experiences.

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I’m hanging out somewhere else on the web today

I’m hanging out somewhere else on the web today: I’m blogging very lightly here today, however I’m doing a lot of “posting” (not really blogging, but when I do it, I can’t really tell the difference) at MyBusiness Magazine‘s website. I’m in Washington through Wednesday attending the NFIB Small-Business Summit. Related Nashville-blogger sighting: I’ve been wanting to hear Nashville blogger BB Logan sing for a long time as she’s always great about posting on her blog her gigs around Nashville. After all that, however, I had to come to D.C. to finally hear her. She sang the National Anthem at the opening session this morning. Wow! That girl can sing. That photo on the left (shot with my coffe’d up hands obviously shaking the camera) is a giant BB projected up on a screen. Also, and I’ll probably post some photos of this at some point, BB (who, when not becoming a famous singer-songwriter, is one of the senior web folks at NFIB) runs one awesome convention Internet cafe area. I usually avoid things at conferences called “Internet Cafes,” but this one is actually warm and inviting — and way wi-fi’d. But I guess that’s what you’d expect with a blogger in charge.

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I’ve heard this before

I’ve heard this before: In today’s NY Times, there’s an interesting story under the headline, “To Charge Up Customers, Put Customers in Charge.”

Sample quote:

“In a time of ever more talented technology enthusiasts, hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers, all connected by Internet-enabled communication, he says, the most intensely engaged users of a product often find new ways to enhance it long before its manufacturer does.”

If all this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s because anyone who has read Cluetrain Manifesto by Doc Searls, et al, knows (after they pointed it out) the obvious fact that customers become the leading experts in your product once they purchase it.

On a related note, here’s a good quote from a story this morning at the website, Management-Issues.com:

“The biggest mistake business leaders make is not communicating with or listening to their workforce, new research has suggested.”

Wait, now that I’m thinking about it: All of this talk about people being the driving factor in management and product develop has me thinking I need to help spread the meme of a new un-trademarked buzzword: We 2.0. It’s about the users.

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