I’ve heard this before

I’ve heard this before: In today’s NY Times, there’s an interesting story under the headline, “To Charge Up Customers, Put Customers in Charge.”

Sample quote:

“In a time of ever more talented technology enthusiasts, hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers, all connected by Internet-enabled communication, he says, the most intensely engaged users of a product often find new ways to enhance it long before its manufacturer does.”

If all this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s because anyone who has read Cluetrain Manifesto by Doc Searls, et al, knows (after they pointed it out) the obvious fact that customers become the leading experts in your product once they purchase it.

On a related note, here’s a good quote from a story this morning at the website, Management-Issues.com:

“The biggest mistake business leaders make is not communicating with or listening to their workforce, new research has suggested.”

Wait, now that I’m thinking about it: All of this talk about people being the driving factor in management and product develop has me thinking I need to help spread the meme of a new un-trademarked buzzword: We 2.0. It’s about the users.

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