What Mark Cuban said

What Mark Cuban said:“Despite all ‘he is the best, he is the worst’ commentary from people, none of it matters in the least bit.”

As I’ve said on this weblog many, many times, if you judge Mark Cuban by what you see on TV, hear on sports talk radio or read in the newspaper — and don’t read his blog — you’ll never understand him. He uses the medium of blogging (and in his case, it’s an extra-large, not a medium) in a way that displays how radically a new form of business communication platform blogging can be: raw, unfiltered, instantaneous. Can you imagine if every CEO used a blog to so unambiguously (with no safety net or help from the PR department or clearance from legal) explain his-or-her actions, motivations, emotions? Obviously, Cuban’s private ownership of his companies allows him some freedoms that a CEO of a public company does not have. However, in Cuban’s case, he’s paid hundreds of thousands of dollars (granted, in his case, chump change) in NBA fines for things he’s said on his blog, so it’s not like he can say whatever he wants without recrimination.

Reading Cuban’s blog (rather than, say, watching him on the sidelines of an NBA game) helps one separate the media character Mark Cuban from the real person. The same passion is there and the same gee-whiz, can you believe I get to do this stuff, is present. However, on his blog, a more introspective and intriguing real-live person emerges. Because of his consistent and savvy use of his weblog as his personal “of-record” platform, he’s created one place where anyone can turn to get “his side” of the story.

His blog — referring once more to the NBA fines — has probably made it the most “expensive” business weblog ever maintained. However, the value it provides him: to cut through crap and react to misinformation instantaneously, to defend himself and connect-the-dots of his business decisions…is priceless.

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