The amazing things one learns

The amazing things one learns: I grabbed a quick lunch with an alumnae of Hammock Publishing who works at the very impressive San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She was nice enough to show me around the Matthew Barney ‘exhibit’ that opens officially tomorrow. I plead ignorance: my knowledge of currently hip conceptual artists is in the “I live under a rock” category, so Matthew Barney wasn’t on my radar screen. I won’t try to describe his work, although my guide for the day did a most amazing job of explaining it. One of the things he’s famous for is jumping on a trampoline and drawing pictures at the apex of his jump. Another thing he’s famous for is being the partner of the singer Bjork who, herself, is somewhat of a conceptual artist.

During the tour, I learned a new word: Ambergris.

My friendly guide (by the way, she says “hi” to several of you who know who I’m talking about) had to go back to work so I wandered through the rest of the museum on my own. My favorite discovery (again, I’m under a rock on these things) was an exhibit of some of the work by San Francisco graphic artist, Rex Ray. I only mention that because by some strange coincidence, my assistant booked me in the Hotel Rex while I’m here. Go figure.

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  1. Please assure us that you didn’t tell the desk clerk that you were THE Mr. Rex and was your suite ready…

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