Live-outlining: I’ve just witnessed an amazing thing. (This is besides the actual conference/unconference that Bloggercon is.) It’s been amazing watching (projected on a screen in the front of the room) the real-time outlining by Doc Searls of all of the sessions.

It’s raw and unedited, but amazingly organized and concise.

Back in the day, I attended a couple of conferences blogged by Heath Row, who is a machine when it comes to typing — a transcribing machine. I was always in awe — sort of like I am today with what Doc is doing today. But “outlining” adds a structure to transcription that perhaps appeals to the “GTD” (getting-things-done) in me. In GTD-speak, “a person needs to move tasks out of their mind and get them recorded somewhere.” Watching Doc outline (which, I might say, is the first time I’ve “witnessed” someone outline in public) is opening my eyes to a very effective way to capture thoughts flying around a room and getting them started down the road to meaningful actions. Awesome.

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