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ContentNext/ New York Mixer: I don’t know how to describe the happening that took place last night at the mixer at the Union Square W Hotel. If you’re in the “digital media business” in New York, it was definitely the place to be. And hundreds and hundreds were — when it was announced a couple weeks ago, the online sign-up closed after three hours. That photo on the left is everyone in the “main” ballroom. There was an equal number jammed in a room next to it.

Jeff Jarvis was there: He says, “It was jammed with guys in nametags making pitches for their companies to anyone who would stand still and even those who would not. Jane, stop this crazy thing. It’s deja vu all over again.” (Jeff was also interviewed on Beet.TV).

Donna Bogatin of ZDNet blogged the Q-A of NYT Publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr.

As Jeff said, it was exactly like 1999 — without (as Staci Kramer pointed out to me) the carving table and good schwag. As you can see from the photos I’ve posted on Flickr, the ‘digital media’ crowd is alive and well. Unlike the Silicon Alley days, the majority of name tags seemed to be from traditional media companies. However, as Jeff Jarvis pointed out in his post, there was some deja vu-ness to being thrust a business card and told, “maybe we can do something together” before I caught the persons name.

As much it seemed like 1999, however, I kept thinking to myself: A blogger threw this party. And, while there were very few people in the room who blog (the folks there are the ones getting paid for what they do), they are here in a “marketplace” that has been created by their common appreciation of the importance of what Rafat, Staci and now others at have created.

Something big happened there last night.

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