Custom publishing and blogs

Custom publishing and blogs: Jason Calacanis says that Weblogs, Inc., has a custom publishing group that helps companies launch their blogs. They’ve just helped AccuQuote launch one. I am happy that Weblogs, Inc., a part of the Time-Warner empire, recognizes that custom publishing is a “business model” related to weblogs. Hammock Publishing, by the way, does some custom publishing. And come to think of it, we help clients launch blogs ,also. I guess, then, we have a group that helps companies launch their blogs.

Historic sidenote related to AOL and custom publishing: Only a custom-publishing geek like me would note the following significance in Jason’s post. His boss (and blogger and owner of the Washington Capitals ), Ted Leonsis, was founder of a company called Redgate Communications that, in 1993, was the first company ever acquired by AOL. It was (among other things) a custom publishing company that did some beautiful magazine and “digital media” work for several technology companies. Somewhere (I’d have to dig), I probably still have samples of their work.

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