Why does iTunes start-up again whenever I shut it down?

Why does iTunes start-up again whenever I shut it down? Whenever I shut-down iTunes, it automatically starts up again in a few moments. Very annoying. I’ve checked (and unchecked) all the obvious preferences. I do NOT have any other software (i.e., NetNewsWire) set to automatically download files to iTunes — or maybe I do and I don’t know it. Any suggestions?

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4 thoughts on “Why does iTunes start-up again whenever I shut it down?

  1. When I upgraded NetNewsWire it seemed to turn iTunes integration on again. Also, do you have your iPod plugged in?

  2. Thanks, Jackson. No, I don’t have my iPod plugged in. I think I will go over all of my settings in NetNewsWire. I keep thinking it’s something to do with checking and downloading podcasts via NetNewsWire, but I thought I’d turned off everything I can find related to that. I’ll experiment w/ turning off NetNewsWire also (but as I’ve said to you, I live in NetNewsWire, so it’s always open)…

  3. Okay. The problem is not related to any other software, ie, anything that has RSS-related features. However, my “when all else fails” solution, re-booting the computer, is currently solving the problem. However, I have yet to crank up iTunes since re-booting. As long as it’s a sleeping dog, I’ll let it etc.

  4. One idea might be to try removing “iTunesHelper” from your Login items. I’ve never figured out what exactly iTunesHelper does, but removing it has never caused problems for me atleast.

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