Gnomedex in the background

Gnomedex in the background: I pick my ubber-geek outings carefully (I’m a user geek, not a developer geek), so I went to Bloggercon IV instead of Gnomedex (I went last year). However, I did “monitor” and participate in a couple of sessions of it yesterday. Here are some helpful links:

  • The schedule of today’s sessions.
  • Streaming audio.
  • IRC channel. (#lockergnome Java-based Chatroom or use your own IRC Client to join #lockergnome at
  • Gnomedex Wiki.
  • “gnomedex” tags: Gnomedexers are avid taggers of everything they post to blogs, photosharing sites, etc. Since one of the sessions today is called, “Should TagJag get funded?” I’ll link there.
  • Here’s a favor I’d like to ask from someone attending Gnomedex: I’m doing family-fun stuff today, so I won’t be monitoring any of the conference, however, if you’re there, please do me a favor. There is a session this morning that is being run by an individual who first became semi-famous for dancing on the graves of companies that went out of business during the financial crash. His site was the most mean-spirited and vindictive venue I’ve ever witnessed. It’s lack of civility made anything found on blog comments look like a tea party. Its tone degenerated into a continuous spew of of anti-entrepreneurship rants: that anyone who tries something new should be targeted for ridicule. That this individual is engaged in a startup that requires the trust of a lot of risk-takers, many of whom were subject to the merciless ridicule his site encouraged, is, to me, ironic. I hope people in the audience today explore his role in establishing a culture of ridicule that has tainted civil discourse.

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