It’s all about the brand

It’s all about the brand: As I noted in that long post last week, the way to make money blogging is rarely the blog, itself. It’s about building a brand that can be extended into all sorts of revenue-generating opportunities. The master of blogospheric “brand building” is Chris Pirillo and his Lockergnome brand. That giant face on the front page of the today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer is not Alfred E. Neuman wearing glasses, it’s the Lockergnome logo.

(Here’s a link to a PDF of the front page and one to the article.)

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2 thoughts on “It’s all about the brand

  1. But isn’t Pirillo’s brand about making a dime everywhere he can? I mean, have you ever counted the ads on LockerGnome?

    He is definitely branding himself, but I have also seen him talking about making ‘serious’ money just from the blog itself (BlogBusinessSummit 2005).

  2. I think I’ve said that before — no one is better at making money “on” a blog than Chris Pirillo, but his real business is making money “with” a blog. As to the ads on LockerGnome, not only are there lots of them, they are served up in a customized way depending on where they’re coming from. Studying the way he uses Adsense and other ad-revenue methods is highly recommended. My point is, however, he doesn’t stop there: He uses podcasts, seminars, consulting, etc., to extend the brand beyond the blog, itself.

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