Long posts

Long posts: I have a couple of “ego search” RSS feeds set up that alert me whenever someone may reference my name. Once in a while, those feeds will turn up a rather interesting post in which the words “rex” and “hammock” are used in ways that have nothing to do with me. Today (and I’ll spare you the link), it turned up the very first post of a new blog in which the writer lost me after a sentence or two — it was clearly not referencing me, in other words. However, in a quick search for how the words were embedded in the post, I discovered that the post had 18,000 words in it. That’s even got to beat the length of anything Jeff Jarvis has ever posted. I wonder what the longest, non link-spamming, coherent, original (not merely cutting and pasting content from somewhere else) blog post is. (Note: Not that I will read it — I’m going outside to play.)