Paypertoast: I haven’t gone through the registration process on the website that’s currently receiving the wrath of the bloggershere, so I’m depending on the reviews of those who have. (Sorry, no link-love coming from here.) And despite my being late to notice this controversy, I must point to an earlier Shel Israel post on the topic of bloggers getting paid to post on certain topics. Man, Shel: Tell us what you really think about the “pay per post” business model. I especially enjoyed the comment thread on Shel’s post when the person who has launched the service talks about how he’s received an e-mail from a mother who recently lost her job who is helping pay her rent by posting stuff to her blog. (I think she’d do better by running some splog scam, myself…or maybe she could partner with one of those Nigerian spammers.)

Update: Nashville blogger Jackson Miller sees it differently: “One of my rights as a blogger is to publish and promote what ever I want for any reason I see fit.” While I agree 100% with Jackson’s assertion that he can do whatever he wants with his blog for any reason he sees fit, I think the more important right at play here is the right of readers of weblogs to trust him or not trust him for whatever reason they see fit. Personally, I trust those who practice disclosure and transparency (like he did when he said he’s being paid for the post I’m linking to). Also, I’ll still read Jackson’s blog, despite disagreeing with him on this. Other things I disagree with Jackson about, but still read his blog: the wisdom of owning and riding a motorcycle, certain political issues.

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