Nashville blogger meetup

Nashville blogger meetup: I think there was some actual news at the Nashville blog get-together tonight at Wolfy’s, the only bar I’ve ever seen with a 100 health inspection grade (I’ve posted some photos on Flickr). Michael Sechrist, general manager of Nashville’s blog-friendly ABC affiliate, WKRN, announced that the station is starting an initiative to encourage bloggers to submit edited news or feature stories to the station, some of which will make it onto air and for which the bloggers/vloggesr will be paid. Rather than write it up, I decided to use my camera’s video option to ask Sechrist to explain it. I guess posting this file makes me a vlogger (except a real vlogger wouldn’t cut off the end like I did). A swell time was had by all. Thanks to Brittney, et al. On the way out I asked Brittney a question that makes sense only at a gathering like this: What should I tag it?

Update: Terry Heaton has more details on the announcement.

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Nashville blogger meet-up pre-game meal

Nashville blogger meet-up pre-game meal: I’ll be at the Nashville blogger gathering later. However, as I appeared to be the only blogger in town who had not yet dined at Mothership BBQ, I took the 15-year-old there for lunch. While the restaurant is a bit off the main drag (it’s about a block behind the Baja Burrito on Thompson Lane — at 2806 Columbine Place), back in March, I took the 15-year old 350 miles out of the way so he could enjoy the barbecue of my youth — so this was a snap.

Mothership BBQ is run by a blogger who now goes by the name Dr. Funkenswine on the restaurant’s blog. (Sidenote: This is an awesome example of how a small business can use a weblog — just read some of the posts and replies.) With the 15-year-old’s endorsement, I have now made Morthership the official BBQ (Blog-BQ?) of the rexblog. (By the way, I am not getting paid for this endorsement nor did I even get a free pork plate.)

The barbecue is excellent and the sauce is uniquely Nashville: sort of a blend of the west Mississippi vinegar sauce and the redder, spicier sauce of east Tennessee. It’s a nice mixture of spice and sweet, with a spicier option that will forever be called, “Hello, My Name is Hot.” If I had to compare the sauce to anything (and this is not doing justice to it), it reminds me a little bit of Tiger Sauce, but just a little.

We’ll be back.

I’m falling down on the job

I’m falling down on the job: In my vigilant effort to always link to self-serving positive mentions of me and this weblog, I totally overlooked Tony Silber’s brilliant editor’s letter in the current issue of Folio: magazine — you know, the one that has a picture of Jeff Jarvis on the cover. (Hint: if Folio added an RSS feed — or am I missing it — I’d never overlook such things.)

(via: David Shaw who, I agree, doesn’t blog nearly enough.)

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