2 thoughts on “Rocketboom’d

  1. Based on that unboomed video, I do not see what all the fuss is about. There was not a lot of, umm, “talent” in that clip…she seems like she could be replaced very easily by any number of young, look at me types. In any event, I wonder if she is really doing herself any favors by posting the emails and her replies.

    Maybe the fact that I am not really into podcasting or blogging has something to do with my reaction. I had never even heard of her or rocketboom until this morning when I opened your site. If she is as popular as everyone is making her out to be, she’ll be fine. We have all had jobs that ended badly. She certainly saw that while working for Rocco. This is just another one, with lessons to be learned from it.

    In REAL news, that Democrat in Mass pulled the Fluff bill he had proposed. Children across the state rejoice!

  2. Oh good, I lost 10 minutes of my life this morning trying to figure out what all this navel lint was about. Cripes, i wish the internet had been around when i was on unemployment in New York City in 1975, after the Arab oil embargo and during a recession. I coulda p– — d and moaned with the best of these poseurs.

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