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Nashville blogger meetup: I think there was some actual news at the Nashville blog get-together tonight at Wolfy’s, the only bar I’ve ever seen with a 100 health inspection grade (I’ve posted some photos on Flickr). Michael Sechrist, general manager of Nashville’s blog-friendly ABC affiliate, WKRN, announced that the station is starting an initiative to encourage bloggers to submit edited news or feature stories to the station, some of which will make it onto air and for which the bloggers/vloggesr will be paid. Rather than write it up, I decided to use my camera’s video option to ask Sechrist to explain it. I guess posting this file makes me a vlogger (except a real vlogger wouldn’t cut off the end like I did). A swell time was had by all. Thanks to Brittney, et al. On the way out I asked Brittney a question that makes sense only at a gathering like this: What should I tag it?

Update: Terry Heaton has more details on the announcement.

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6 thoughts on “Nashville blogger meetup

  1. Hudge, as I observed last week, “I am not a blogger.” Except when I am a blogger. Being a blogger is not the point here. It’s the recognition that people outside the newsroom may have something newsworty — or entertaining — to add to the mix. Doug Thompson is missing the point of how a blog could help him do his job better. It’s not about him becoming something different or about how he’s paid or not paid. Dave Barry (while he not a columnist any longer, I feel certain he’s ‘getting paid’) has no problem understanding how having a blog doesn’t make someone “a blogger.”

  2. umm, I think Doug was talking about those who style themselves as journalists, or newsmen (people if one must).

  3. Im a little iffy about the whole bloggers being used for corporate news. Although I dont work for news I do work in entertainment and I smell a rat.

    I think its great that the public can express its views. However, I see this as a way for the corporate guys to save a buck. In this world of constant corporate downsizing it sounds more like Michael Sechrist sees a way to save some money and cut his news staff. I hope this is not the case however I wouldnt be surprised if these news bloggers got paid one fourth of what a pro would get. Also, news is supposed to be unbiased (ok.. ok seriously) whos to say that freelance bloggers can keep an unbiased opinion on what they are reporting. .. just a thought

  4. I don’t think anyone will be doing this for the money — they’ll be paying $100 per story, more if you get more stories accepted. Also, I don’t think these will be hard-news, rather feature or, even, slice-of-life humor and personality profiles. As for bias, unbias — the station will still play the editorial role…they’ll have to judge the bias issues, and, frankly, I can see where opinion pieces from viewers would be entirely appropriate — perhaps paring off bloggers from opposing points of view. Is there really such a thing as “unbias”?

  5. $100 per story? Would I spend an hour or even two out of my day doing a story for $100, or maybe more. Heck yeah I’d do it for the money.

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