Blogger meet-up, more stuff

Blogger meet-up, more stuff: Another thing about last night’s Nashville blogger meet-upt: Lots, and I mean lots, of new faces. For example, I met Randy Elrod and Mark Lee. Randy said Mark is in a popular contemporary Christian group called Third Day. When I was tracking down the link for this post, my total lack of knowledge of contemporary Christian music became more apparent when I saw how many records they’ve sold and Grammys they’ve won. (Photo: Mike Sechrist, Mark, Randy.) From the “not a contemporary Christian artist” category, I met someone who said I’d linked to his blog a couple of times and I was drawing a total blank. Then he said, “Sarcastro and I said, “Ohhhh.” Maybe because she’s actually paid to blog, Brittney has taken the time to put together a great roundup of the evening. Also, she has some great photos in other posts.

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