Truth, justice and the iMaxian way

Truth, justice and the iMaxian way: No whining from me about trekking across town last night in order to watch Superman Returns in IMAX-3D. It’s an amazing experience. I have no idea whether or not the movie is good if you see it in a regular theatre. It probably is, but I think if I had seen it in such a theater, I would have walked out discussing the film’s theology or politics or whether or not Lois should leave Richard. However, watching it in an IMAX theater — especially the scenes in 3D — is breath-taking. All we could talk about was how amazing the experience was. It’s more like taking a theme-park ride than watching a movie. If there’s an IMAX theater showing the movie within a hundred miles of where you live, it’s worth the trip. (Note to those living in Nashville: If you have any interest in seeing Superman Returns, it’s worth the extra $3 (it costs $11 for a ticket) and the hassle of Opry Mills to see it there — but be sure to get there early for a good seat. Also, you should probably purchase your ticket in advance, online.)

3 thoughts on “Truth, justice and the iMaxian way

  1. When I went to see Superman in Imax 3D at San Francisco’s Metreon, we were initially blown away by even the pre-show slides that talked about how advanced the projection system is, and the 12 channels of surround sound. Then the movie started and it was, indeed pretty impressive, until the about an hour and half into the movie when the picture went out.

    We waited over half an hour for them to fix it, when they finally told us that they were unable to re-sync the picture and sound.

    All that technical superiority and no one skilled enough to fix it.

    They gave us a refund plus a free pass, but I still haven’t seen the rest of the film. Still feel a little bummed by the whole experience — I think I’ll skip the Imax when I do finally see it again.

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