Buying stuff with your cell phone

Buying stuff with your cell phone: Okay. Is this technology looking for a problem to solve, or what? The NY Times’ has an article about a test Lucky Magazine is running in which readers can, get this, actually order stuff via their cell phone while reading an ad in Lucky Magazine. (What will they think of next? That whole calling an 800 number or purchasing via the web — I actually have that on my cell phone (as do millions of others) — is so lame.)


“Here is how the PayPal Text2Buy service is meant to work. Cellphone users log on to to create an account or activate their existing PayPal accounts for mobile commerce. Each product taking part in the promotion will be identified on an ad page with a number and a one-word code like “angel,” “crewneck” or “mark.” The cellphone user sends a text message with the code word to the number. An automated call asks for a personal identification number and confirms the order; a receipt is sent in an e-mail message. The product is shipped to the cellphone user.”

So, to recap, you send a text message, respond to an automated voice call and then check your purchase via e-mail. It sounds to me that the folks who dreamed up the Cuecat have found new jobs.

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  1. Those of us who have to find the manual every time we need to add a number to the directory (and yes, Laura, still carry the phone on our belt) and still don’t know how to text message or send photos – well you get the drift.

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