Wired back together

Wired back together: Wired, the dot-com and Wired, the magazine, are reunited thanks to $25 million from Conde Nast. Other than hard-core geeks and hard-core magazine wonks, I doubt more than ten residents of the real-world knew they were owned by separate companies. (If you actually did know the two were owned by separate companies, you are free to go to the bonus round related to the ownership history of Ziff Davis and ZDNet.)

I’ve been hanging out on the web way, way too long because when I saw this news, all I could think of was this long-ago ‘post’ on Suck.com (which I’m amazed is still archived).

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Dell’s blog attempts to reduce bloggers’ karmic power

Dell’s blog attempts to reduce bloggers’ karmic power: They followed Robert Scobel’s advice. (Explanation.) Robert responds: “I think we should institute a two-week moratorium against saying anything bad about a new corporate blog.” And, in Dvorakian style, Nick Carr (who shall remain linkless) asks, “Who’s ‘we’? — or, more accurately, “Who’s us.” (Okay, here’s the link.)

For the record, I believe one thing is certain: The Dell Computer corporate weblog is far superior to the Apple corporate blog. (Fun Google search: apple corporate weblog.)

Update: What Scott Karp said:  “Beware of orthodoxy, ideology, sanctimony, hypocrisy, and most of all, remember that if this IS a conversation, we need to treat people on the other end with a certain degree of respect. (This is a lesson that I have learned and continue to learn through blogging.)”

This is a snippet of a conversation that is difficult to follow as it’s taking place on the posts and comments of several blogs. There have been lots of good points made regarding big-corporate blogging, however, I’ve decided not to point to them as even the good comments remind me of a debate between Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin: I still haven’t figured out why some people feel it necessary to preface a point of disagreement with a “greeting” like, “Scott, you ignorant slut.”

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Trick question

Trick question: Dylan at FishBowlNY thinks my earlier Rocketboom quiz (Which is better? A. Floundering in the spotlight B. Being brilliant in obscurity) is a trick question. He’s right.

As for the message that’s now on the front of Rocketboom, personally, I would have just run the video with no explanation, and especially, no apologies. Of course, I think the old baseball-catcher-wheeling-across-the-screen-with-car-crash-sound-effects-gag is always good for a laugh.

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Second quote of the day

Second quote of the day: “Assigned seating is to Southwest what “New Coke” was to Coca-Cola.” (Roger Abramsom’s take on the test SWA is running for eight-weeks on selected flights out of San Deigo to see whether assigning seats will speed up the boarding process.)

My take: Is this Southwest reacting to a customer taste test that shows people think Pepsi Jet Blue is better?

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