What I know for sure

What I know for sure: One of five things Simon Dumenco says he “knows (kinda) for sure” is this: “Blog culture has made the mainstream media even more lazy.”


“Over the past year, as much as the mainstream media has bellyached about bloggers — mainly about how so few bloggers do original reporting, which turns the blogosphere into one giant masturbatory echo chamber — it’s increasingly become accepted practice for the MSM to act suspiciously bloglike. For example, who could have predicted even just a few years ago that all the celebrity weeklies would make cover stories out of a Vanity Fair cover story — the Jennifer Aniston interview — with one actually putting a thumbnail of the Vanity Fair cover on its cover? What makes that acceptable? The blogging “pickup” mentality that’s come to pervade mainstream media — the idea that all truly relevant, au courant media must succumb to the chattering-about-chattering contagion.”

I know this for sure: While I may be in agreement with Simon on his “lazy” observation, I know this for sure: “Blog culture” isn’t responsible for such laziness nor is it responsible for the “pickup” mentality nor did it create the chattering-about-chattering contagion. That happened when media started hiring people to chatter about media.

Also, I apologize. I must have missed that day in blog-school when the blogging professor told the class that blogs were supposed to be for original reporting. For six years, I’ve been trying to figure out what this thing was for. Now I know.

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