Trick question

Trick question: Dylan at FishBowlNY thinks my earlier Rocketboom quiz (Which is better? A. Floundering in the spotlight B. Being brilliant in obscurity) is a trick question. He’s right.

As for the message that’s now on the front of Rocketboom, personally, I would have just run the video with no explanation, and especially, no apologies. Of course, I think the old baseball-catcher-wheeling-across-the-screen-with-car-crash-sound-effects-gag is always good for a laugh.

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2 thoughts on “Trick question

  1. I have to confess, I never visited the Rocketboom site before yesterday. I hope for their sake that I am alone. These people are crazy.

  2. I didn’t until all this drama cropped up, and I have to admit: Amanda irritated me. I watched the new chick’s video today and like her much better.

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