Dell’s blog attempts to reduce bloggers’ karmic power

Dell’s blog attempts to reduce bloggers’ karmic power: They followed Robert Scobel’s advice. (Explanation.) Robert responds: “I think we should institute a two-week moratorium against saying anything bad about a new corporate blog.” And, in Dvorakian style, Nick Carr (who shall remain linkless) asks, “Who’s ‘we’? — or, more accurately, “Who’s us.” (Okay, here’s the link.)

For the record, I believe one thing is certain: The Dell Computer corporate weblog is far superior to the Apple corporate blog. (Fun Google search: apple corporate weblog.)

Update: What Scott Karp said:  “Beware of orthodoxy, ideology, sanctimony, hypocrisy, and most of all, remember that if this IS a conversation, we need to treat people on the other end with a certain degree of respect. (This is a lesson that I have learned and continue to learn through blogging.)”

This is a snippet of a conversation that is difficult to follow as it’s taking place on the posts and comments of several blogs. There have been lots of good points made regarding big-corporate blogging, however, I’ve decided not to point to them as even the good comments remind me of a debate between Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin: I still haven’t figured out why some people feel it necessary to preface a point of disagreement with a “greeting” like, “Scott, you ignorant slut.”

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