Wired back together

Wired back together: Wired, the dot-com and Wired, the magazine, are reunited thanks to $25 million from Conde Nast. Other than hard-core geeks and hard-core magazine wonks, I doubt more than ten residents of the real-world knew they were owned by separate companies. (If you actually did know the two were owned by separate companies, you are free to go to the bonus round related to the ownership history of Ziff Davis and ZDNet.)

I’ve been hanging out on the web way, way too long because when I saw this news, all I could think of was this long-ago ‘post’ on Suck.com (which I’m amazed is still archived).

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2 thoughts on “Wired back together

  1. Heh. Thanks for that one, Rex. I’d missed it. Suck’s all-cartoon era was too high-bandwidth for my grad-student budget.

    But the story also reminds me of the 1995 Suck item that taught us “How to read Wired Magazine” — which included gluing the advertising pages together to make the editorial copy easier to find, or something.

    I saved a copy, but the original is still there: http://www.suck.com/daily/95/10/06/daily.html

  2. Suck may never die.
    May Suck never die!
    Never may die Suck.
    Die never may Suck. (Thanks, Yoda)

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