Rafat attempts a joke

Rafat attempts a joke: I am about to start a social network for everyone working at all the social networking startups, so that they can social network about social networking business. Get it?”

Sorry, Rafat. Guess you had to be there. On a positive note, Rafat and Staci [who should be resting while on the injured-reserve list] have spent the past 18 hours cranking out some impressive ‘you saw it there first’ scoops on PaidContent.org.

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One thought on “Rafat attempts a joke

  1. Thanks much, Rex. Rafat deserves the bulk of the credit by far — I just poked my head up long enough to take a look at the NYT’s latest. I’m slowly moving from the DL to the bench and hope to be back in the starting line-up soon. BTW, no fair makling me laugh with the Ziff-ZD reference.

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