What guest-blogger Fred Graver said

What guest-blogger Fred Graver said: Jeff Jarvis has lent a guest-post on Buzzmachine to the executive producer of VH1 Best Week Ever for some professional advice to Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron. Read it if you want to know what the the expression “cutting through the crap” means.

By the way, I agree with the observations that the return of Rocketboom today was a successful blend of acknowledging an embarrassing situation while signaling that when it comes to creating a goofy three-minute video for a website, life goes on. And, yes, I too am a sucker for an English accent.

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2 thoughts on “What guest-blogger Fred Graver said

  1. I agree I think it was a good comeback show for RB,and I think it will improve over time.

  2. I never saw the old one and think they have recovered admirably fr the craziness of the last few days. Great tip of the hat to Amanda. And, 7yos like it too. I think it was all the tomato-throwing.

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