Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban: The Internet is old news and boring…deal with it.


“Its not the net, its the applications stupid! Falling costs to create, host and deliver digital bits enable entrepreneurs to be entrepreneurial. Kids can save enough money these days to buy a computer and create applications their friends can use and maybe even buy year round for less than they can buy a decent lawnmower to mow lawns with only in the summer. Its the brainpower that is changing our world. The internet is just a utility to deliver the digital bits they create.”

I agree and add this: Blogs, vlogs, podcasting, social networking, anything Web 2.0 or New Web or whatever. They are also old news and boring…deal with it. It’s brainpower. It’s great ideas. It’s great writing. It’s creating great music. It’s being funny, or serious, or threatening, or inspiring or educational. It’s about access to tools to create the highest quality work — equipment that just a few years ago cost tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and today can be purchased on eBay for a few hundred dollars — or borrowed from a library. It’s not about blogging. That’s old news. Deal with it.

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