All vlogging is local

All vlogging is local: By the way, I’ve been meaning to point to a couple of Nashville vlogs. Blake Wylie has been channeling zefrank with a Music City-spin. I think that starting anything new by mimicking someone else’s style is a good way to experiment — it’s not like zefrank invented the rapid, cut-away dead-pan perplexed stare into the camera — however, it’s nice to see Blake slowly evolve his own approach. Bottom line: Actually doing something is the way you learn what works.

Also, the wholesome and videogenic (is that a word?) Bethany at is honing her craft and getting better and better each episode. If nothing else, she’s piecing together a nice audition reel for a TV news job. I’ll even go out on a limb and predict she’ll get the first on-air vlog spot on WKRN.

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Martha Quinn

Martha Quinn: As I was driving into the office, for some reason (perhaps it was a Huey Lewis & the News song on the radio) I thought again of that guest post Fred Graver wrote for Jeff Jarvis’ blog. The line I thought of was this: “Amanda – I’ve got two words for you: Martha Quinn.” It made me wonder if that mention could be the best publicity she’s received in years. (However, she is part of a where are they now lineup on Sirius. Then I thought I should help her out by adding to this post the Technorati tag . (Speaking of Martha Quinn, I wonder what ever happened to Adam Curry.)

Update: Thanks likely to a link to this post from Dave Winer, a celebrity commenter (or funny imitator who knows Adam’s somewhat famous IP address) lets me know what he’s been doing lately. (See comments.)

Update II: Note to those who have never read this weblog before. Here’s a link to a couple of dozen or so posts in which I mention Adam Curry. It was a joke, okay. In fact, the first time I mentioned Adam Curry on this blog was September 29, 2004. That was the first day I’d ever heard of podcasting. Indeed, on that day, according to Doc Searls, a Google search of the term “podcasts” returned 24 results. 24. Today — 19 months later — there are 380 million results. 

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Free wifi in the park

Free wifi in the park: Free Shakespeare, free rock concerts and now wi-fi. By August, free wi-fi will be established at 18 locations in 10 of New York’s most prominent parks, including Central Park, in a major citywide expansion of free Internet access, according to city officials.

(Note to Nashvillians: Remember, there is free wi-fi in Centennial Park. Note to everyone, however: Leave the computer at home or in the office. Go throw a frisbee instead.)

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