Free wifi in the park

Free wifi in the park: Free Shakespeare, free rock concerts and now wi-fi. By August, free wi-fi will be established at 18 locations in 10 of New York’s most prominent parks, including Central Park, in a major citywide expansion of free Internet access, according to city officials.

(Note to Nashvillians: Remember, there is free wi-fi in Centennial Park. Note to everyone, however: Leave the computer at home or in the office. Go throw a frisbee instead.)

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3 thoughts on “Free wifi in the park

  1. The city of Alexandria VA is reportedly at least talking about providing free wifi throughout the city. We’ll see where that goes.

  2. corpus christi is supposed to roll out wifi across the city by the end of the summer. they don’t have the price structure set yet, but the article i read said $20/month. depending on coverage and speed, it could be worth it. i’d like to see something like that here in nashville, but i doubt it will ever happen.

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